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Tips for Home Sellers

When it comes to selling your home, your goal is to find the right buyer. That means a buyer that will give you the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.

How To Put Your Sale On The Fast Track
It's every home seller's dream -- a fast sale. In today's market, crossing the finish line first, fortunately, isn't a matter of luck. To win the home-sale race, you have to stay ahead of the pack. Price the house right, market the house competitively, and make sure the house is in move-in condition.

Three key ways to get your home on the home sale fast track:

1. Price To Sell
Set the price right...Where will family members go most often from this new location? How easy is it to reach those places from the house? How accessible are schools, churches, grocery stores, medical care, public transportation, shopping malls and emergency services?

High pricing can cost you...A nationwide survey of the National Association of Realtors found homes that sell within four weeks of the initial listing sold for close to the original asking price. Homes on the market for up to six months sold for about 7% less than the asking price. Listings that languished for more than six months sold for 15% less than the asking price. Experience shows: a too-high price results in a slow-to-sell home.

Expertise pays off...This is an area where our neighborhood expertise pays off...and a major factor in our success at Coldwell Banker Upchurch Realty. By performing a competitive market analysis, we can help you determine the best possible price--one that puts the most money in your pocket and gets it sold fast. We'll study listing and selling prices for similar homes in your neighborhood and compare your home's special features, improvements and condition. Interest rates, local economic trends and the availability of homes for sale in your area will also affect your home's value. The feedback we glean regularly from home seekers helps us keep our sellers informed of what today's buyers want and are willing to pay.

Be realistic...The more realistic the asking price, the sooner your home will sell. Unrealistic prices, on the other hand, are the major cause of "shopworn" listings, causing potential buyers to wonder if something is wrong with the home beyond price.

2. Results Marketing
Create a marketing plan...Once we've established a selling price, the next step in your fast-track strategy is a maximum-exposure marketing plan. An effective marketing plan can include: Tours to familiarize other agents with your home, Showing your home to qualified buyers, Advertising your home where it counts.

Offer buyer incentives...For example, sellers can help with closing costs, provide a home warranty, give allowances for carpet or draperies, or pay utilities or lawn service for a limited time. Lowering cash barriers to the purchase will significantly enlarge the circle of potential buyers. We can discuss many other ways to market your home so it stands out from the competition.

3. Showplace Condition
Move-in condition...To tempt a buyer, your home has to be inviting. Today's buyers generally don't have the time to do their own fixing up, so for maximum appeal your home should be in move-in condition.

Focus on curb appeal...First impressions really do count. Inside your home, recognize that living condition is different from showing condition. Prospective buyers want to see your home in near-perfect condition, even if that's not the way they'll keep it once they move in. Make your home a "showplace" and you'll soon be taking a victory lap after a fast sale.

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